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::: SAMYLABS: The Company

SAMYLABS  is a Basque company founded at the end of 2016 in the BIC Ezkerraldea business development center in Barakaldo, Bizkaia, with the aim of developing 3D printers in metal laser technology. It is the first Spanish company to design, manufacture and market printers of this technology.

It is currently located in Imbisa building in Derio, next to the Zamudio technology park, and has developed all the requiered

technology for high quality metal 3D printing using laser fusion. SAMYLABS goal is to make metal 3D printing accessible by greatly reducing the costs of laser fusion technology, bringing small companies, training centers and universities the possibility of materializing their projects and designs.

::: Team

  • Felix Torre . Telecommunications Engineer from the University of Cantabria. Programming expert.
  • Jon Martínez  Engineer in Automation and Industrial Electronics from the University of Deusto. Industrial Robotics Specialist.

::: Collaborations with Institutions, Universities and Centres

SAMYLABS at the institutional level has had the support of the Ekintzaile program: Financial support for new business projects of an innovative industrial nature or related  services, supervised by a Business and Innovation Center(Bic  Bizkaia  Ezkerraldea)for the maturation phases, granted by  SPRI- Sociedad para la Transformación Competitiva S.A.

SAMYLABS has also had the innovative business creation programme of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia and along with Tecnalia Technology Centre with the Open  Maker programme, a European project within the H2020 framework that promotes collaboration between companies and the  Makerworld.

In turn, it has been one of the companies promoted by the Bind 4.0 business acceleration program.

Ultimately, it has also received  funding from the NEOTEC program SUBSIDIZED BY THE CDTI  – Project financed by the General State Budgets in charge of the application 27.12.467C.74908.

::: Machine and Product Certifications

machines are CE certified, in accordance with the European Directive 2006/42/CE 17/01/2017.
The relevant risk assessment has been carried out by an independent company and the designs have been adapted and the recommended safety systems have been incorporated to comply with the European Directive 2006/42/EC and the safety requirements according to Annex I of the European Directive 17/01/2017 3 2006/42/EC based on UNE, EN, ISO standards.

::: MISIONES program of the CDTI

Currently the company receives the impulse of the MISIONES program of the CDTI, within the file EXP 00146399 / MIP 20211033 VIVALDI. Recovery of ceramic and metallic waste through the generation of dust for additive manufacturing and other applications with high added value.

::: Collaboration with ONA Electroerosión


The company has ONA ELECTROEROSION as an industrial partner, one of the most important machine tool manufacturers in the Basque Country, which provides SAMYLABS with high capacity and productive quality in its equipment, as well as a powerful commercial network and technical service.

 ONA is a leading firm in EDM technology. Their more than 65 years of experience have allowed them to be world pionners and experts in the manufacture of large machines and special EDM solutions. 

::: ADDIMAT Partners


SAMYLABS is one of the partners of ADDIMAT, the Spanish Association of Additive and 3D Manufacturing Technologies,  which brings together all companies and centers with interests in the development and promotion of additive and 3D manufacturing.

ADDIMAT represents the companies that make up the Additive Manufacturing sector in Spain.

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