SAMY STUDIO 5.0 – Software

::: SamyLabs Studio 5.0

Faster Printing Process


The SAMYLABS STUDIO 5.0 lamination software allows you to quickly and intuitively calculate the printing paths of the machine, as well as perform the different control maneuvers and monitor the process variables in real time. The print process-oriented program improves quality and speeds up the printing process.

SAMYLABS has opted to develop its own lamination software with special emphasis on functionalities that facilitate the composition of a scene, the calculation of trajectories, internal filling structures, supports and the control of printing parameters.  

::: Software Functions

  • Import of 3D files in STL, ASC, 3MF, SAMY format.
  • Importing 2D files in DXF format.
  • Editing and saving scenes: STL BINARY, STL ASCII, SAMY.
  • Lamination of the scene.
  • Calculation of hollow parts.
  • Calculation of fill structures: star and square mesh.
  • Calculation of reinforcement walls.
  • Calculation of supports.
  • 2D Elevation.
  • Layer repair.
  • Creation and editing of parameters / materials.
  • Assignment of different materials to each piece of the scene.
  • Modify print parameters in real tim e (while printing).
  • Sorting algorithms for trajectories.
  • Unidirectional, bidirectional, concentric and checkerboard hatching.
  • Process simulation.
  • Calculation of printing time.
  • Export to G-CODE.
  • Pre-marked with a red pointer.
  • Control of the printing process.
  • O2 Establishment.
  • Gas recirculation power.
  • Tracking of process variables. O2 level, Temperature, Pressure, Dust level, Recirculation filter usage time.
  • Generation of process logs.
  • Available in different languages (Spanish, English, Portuguese …).


Simple and intuitive, oriented to the printing process


Includes a simulation module that allows you to view all the layers and estimate the printing time


Predefined parameters by material, with total control over them by the user


Allows you to dynamically control the 3D printing process, facilitating the parameterization of new materials

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