Compact and Economical Machine.
State of the art technology

Specifications ALBA 300
Laser Power 300 W
Wavelength 1080 nm
Tank size D160 mm x 200 mm
D 200 mm x 250 mmm
Scan speed 2 m/s
Positioning speed up to 7m/s
Protective Gas Argon/Nitrogen
Chamber oxygen < 1000 ppm
Layer thickness 20 – 100 um
Spot diameter < 100 um
Power Supply 230V 50-60Hz 2.7kW
Dimensions 730x1550x1850 mm
Weight (without dust) 800 kg
Data file format STL, ASC, 3MF, DXF

SAMYLABS ALBA300 is a compact machine that can operate both in the workshop and in the office or laboratory, simple to use, easy to clean, and that meets the most demanding safety requirements.

Inside the Alba 300

  1. Galvos head
  2. Security door
  3. Inert Camera
  4. Brush mechanism
  5. Tank/Lift
  6. Evacuation bottles
  7. Feeding bottles
  8. Argon/ Nitrogen recirculation motor
  9. Gas Inlet
  10. Control Equipment
  11. Fiber laser unit
  12. Refrigeration uni
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