Competitive Advantages

::: Competitive Advantages

Ergonomics and simplicity


  • One of the main competitive advantages of SAMYLABS is its complete technological development.
  • Lamination and control software integrated into the machine itself. It allows the operator to work directly on the machine without the need for a desktop computer. The machine also supports the option to work from a technical office, networked or upload files through the USB port.
  • Able to interact with the process in real time. The machine allows to change the process parameters in real time, while the machine is printing, as well as the grating paths and energy distribution in the part.
  • Generation of detailed process logs, for later analysis.
  • Significant reduction in the size of machine files. SAMYLABS technology only considers contour paths and generates the fill structure on the fly. This significantly lightens the weight of the files, optimizing the storage space in the technical office and exchange times, either internally or through the internet.


The machine is designed to operate not only in an industrial environment but also in an office environment. With all the interior made of stainless steel and a simple and elegant aesthetic design works with domestic current and the width of its front allows it to pass between conventional doors:

  • All the measurements of the machine are carefully studied to facilitate the work of the operator.
  • Extraction from a wide front door that facilitates the operator’s task.
    Front button with the main maneuvers of the machine.
  • High quality finish.
  • Ease of use and cleanliness. The machine is designed to make its operation as simple and agile as possible, as well as its cleaning process.
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