Samylabs presents its new metal SLM 3D printer with its own technology at Addit3D 2019

Samylabs will be present at Addit3D from June 4-6 with its new metal SLM 3D printer model. In 2017, Basque engineering became the first Spanish company to develop a 3D printer with this technology. The new model, presented at the fair, and developed in collaboration with ONA Electroerosión, is characterized by the development of its own technology and its competitive price, which brings metal 3D printing closer to small companies and training centers.

Addit3D · Stand 5/N-04 · BEC · 4 - 6 junio.

SAMYLABS will take advantage of the Addit3D fair (Stand 5 / N-04) to launch its new fully industrialized machine ALBA300. The main advantage of the new model is its own complete technological development. It has a control firmware, a 3D mechanical design, a laser control system developed entirely within the company. In addition, its own lamination software allows the customer to hot-touch different parameters of the printing process.

With a reduced design and domestic power supply, the new Samylabs machine is designed to function not only in an industrial environment but also in an office environment. Visitors to the fair will have the opportunity to see first-hand all the possibilities offered by a technology that, right now, is being developed by few companies. In fact, in Europe there are less than a dozen firms that market 3D SLM printers and in Spain, Samylabs is the only one.

In addition, Samylabs launches its new corporate image at this fair, a much more current image that wants to reflect its evolution and all the experience acquired in these first years of the project.

Advantages of SLM technology in metal

SLM (Selective Laser Melting or Selective Laser Melting) technology allows creating complex small parts by adding laser fused metal powder. The main advantage of metal 3D printing by laser is that it allows the manufacture of final parts with excellent mechanical qualities, which in many cases are impossible to manufacture by other means. Another great benefit of this technology is its ability to manufacture high precision parts (<10 um) in a wide variety of materials such as steel alloys, inconel (chrome – nickel), cobalt and stainless steel.

Applications in strategic sectors

3D SLM printing on metal is becoming the manufacturing process of choice in sectors such as medical-dental and prosthetics. With a printer like the ALBA 300 model, 50 dental implants can be produced in one run in a few hours. In fact, dental medical prosthetic laboratories are the largest buyers of this technology and this technique has led to a complete revolution in the way they work.

In the industrial sector, it is being used to produce molds in a short time or to create spare parts that are no longer in ‘stock’.

The possibility of manufacturing very precise parts in a large number of materials makes this technology very interesting for strategic sectors such as the automotive or aeronautical sectors.

Also sectors such as jewelry and modeling are adapting very quickly to new additive manufacturing technologies and are taking advantage of their advantages.

SAMYLABS and ONA as an industrial partner

SAMYLABS is an engineering company founded in 2016 with the aim of developing 3D printers for metal with SLM technology, and it is the first Spanish company to develop a 3D printer with this technology.

The company is created by three engineers with extensive experience in the fields of mechanical and electrical design, as well as software and firmware. All this knowledge allows them to develop all the technology within the company, with the aim of reducing costs and marketing their machines at more competitive prices.

In addition, its collaboration with the company ONA Electroerosión has been fundamental, precisely, to put a commercial 3D printing machine on the market. Its commitment to an industrial partner such as ONA, with extensive experience in manufacturing and marketing, allows SAMYLABS to focus solely on technological development.

Samylabs presents its new metal SLM 3D printer with its own technology at Addit3D 2019
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