SAMYLABS ALBA300 is a compact machine that can operate both in the workshop and in the office or laboratory, simple to use, easy to clean, and that meets the most demanding safety requirements.

With its measures of 730 x 1550 x 1850 it easily passes between doors and has wheels to facilitate its mobility.

The machine works with domestic voltage 230V 50 / 60Hz 16A and in operation it consumes the equivalent power of a clothes iron. 

You only need an argon or nitrogen inlet to operate and achieve the inert chamber.

With its 160 mm diameter x 200 mm high tank, it makes about 25-30 Kg of powder, depending on the material, it can make complex medium-sized pieces and is a perfect balance between the use of powder to complete the pool and the volume. final print.

For this reason it is an ideal machine for industry, the educational sector and the field of research in SLM technology.

Power300 W
Wavelength1080 nm
Deposit sizeD160 mm x 200 mm
Scanning speed2 m/s
Positioning speedup to 7m/s
Shielding gasArgon/Nitrogen
Layer thickness20 – 100 um
Spot size< 100 um
Power supply230V 50-60Hz 2.7kW
Dimensions730x1550x1850 mm
Weight (without powder)800 kg
Data File FormatSTL, ASC, 3MF, DXF


The machine has a chamber made entirely of stainless steel and top quality components. Special care has been taken in the simplicity of cleaning and maintenance. The machine incorporates

  • 1080nm fiber laser unit and 300W power
  • High-quality optical path
  • Laser cooling unit
  • Millimeter wave radar based dust level measurement system
  • Oxygen level, temperature and pressure sensors
  • Powerful gas recirculation motor
  • Powerful industrial control computer
  • Touch screen
  • Vandal resistant industrial keyboard
  • Double security door for handling dust
  • Safety gloves for handling powder
  • Optical protection screen
  • Interior keypad for manual operation of the brush and elevator



  • High quality finish and very competitive price
  • Lamination and control software integrated into the machine itself. It allows the operator to work directly on the machine without the need for a desktop computer. The machine also supports the option of working from a technical office, networking or uploading files via usb port.
  • Reduced design and domestic power. Its mechanical design is specially oriented so that the machine can work in an office, with a design that fits between commercial doors.
  • Ease of use and cleaning. The machine is designed to make its operating as simple and agile as possible, as well as its cleaning process.
  • Capable of interacting with the process in real time. The machine allows change the process paremeters on the fly, while the machine is printing, as well as the filling paths and the distribution of energy on the part.
  • Significant reduction in the size of machine files. Our technology only considers contour trajectories and generates the fill structure on the fly. This significantly lightens the weight of the files by optimizing the storage in the technical office and the exchange time both internally and through the Internet.
  • Generation of detailed process logs, for later analysis. Ability to connect with IOT platforms.
  • Open technology. The machine allows access to all the parameters of the printing process. Since SAMYLABS has developed all the technology, it is open to the development of new applications and integration with other systems.